Keeping It S.M.A.R.T.

Let's flex some neurons

Ok friends, it’s time to flex a little creative muscle. Everyone daydreams; imagines ourselves doing things we might not do in our normal, every day lives. Maybe you dream of being an artist, world famous, definitely not the starving kind. Or see yourself as Kid Youtuber extraordinaire, performing video gaming feats of amazing dexterity, or being paid millions to unbox weird foods and feed them to your little brother to capture his horrified expression on camera? Maybe your dream is to be a llama farmer in Peru or deep sea diver scientist off the South African coast tagging great white sharks? Whatever your dream, I ask you, if you can dream it, why not do it? You can’t hit something you don’t aim for- so level your sights, take aim, and let it fly. Dreaming is exploring possibilities. One of the best ways to reach a goal is to use a framework called “SMART” to set your sights on the end results.

S: Small/Specific

Define your goal in specific terms- “I want to be learn to juggle three balls in 3 weeks” is much more specific than “I want to learn to juggle”

M: Measureable

Be daring, give things a time frame- 3 weeks is defined and can be broken into steps or chunks, “sometime” in the near but distant future can lead to procrastination- better known as avoiding

A: Actionable

You can point to an action that can be changed- I can juggle three balls, but only after I have mastered two. Week one- master one ball juggling, week two-master two ball juggling, week three- master three ball juggling and so on.

R: Relevant

The goal matters to YOU and the thing you are trying to achieve. Raise the stakes and always ask-if it doesn’t matter, why do it?

T: Time Sensitive

Give yourself some deadlines, people find creative solutions and innovate more with a little bit of added pressure. Be willing to be a little uncomfortable to make progress!

With SMART, you can break down any goal and turn your dream into your real Real. Start setting some goals and make way for big things to happen!  Drop some of the goals you set in the comments below!  We can’t wait to see you reach them!


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