Bopping to the Beat: What’s Your Theme Song?

Let's face Can be hard sometimes...

Sometimes just getting through the day can seem impossible. The responsibilities, the commitments, and the “oh, I forgot about that” moments all can seem to take over every second of every minute of every bit of time we have! Its easy to overlook taking time for ourselves, which honestly should be the priority of this life! Hands down, THIS is the thing that can make ANY situation we face even harder! Its almost like playing a video game where you reach the dungeon of the final boss but only have 3 hearts instead of 10 (…anyone getting the Zelda reference there 😊). It makes even the easiest boss a little bit more challenging. We all have our versions of “final bosses” in our day, and I might have an idea to add an extra “heart” or two to make the fight just a little bit easier.

Choose a theme song and play it on repeat!

There have been so many moments I needed a shift in perspective to “take hold” of the event ahead of me.  One of the best examples is when I was interviewing for my fellowship in NYC!  I was so nervous and figured it was a “hail mary” that a hospital system in Manhattan would want me to be a doctor for them to train.  But the morning of my interview, I played a song called “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten on repeat while I was getting ready.  Then, on the way to the interview, I kept singing it over and over in my head.  And guess what, within 3-4 weeks that position was mine!  I did it…I beat my final boss of the year!  That feeling will stick with me for my entire life and I know for a fact that shift in perspective given to me by the lyrics in that song had a huge impact on my success!

You can be greedy! have multiple songs to choose from!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan (yes, Midnights = my jam for the rest of 2022).  So while “Fight Song” had an impact on where I am today, I can say the same about “End Game” by Taylor Swift, and “Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz, and of course, “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.  These lyrics and these beats have become the pulse of my confidence in so many exciting, nerve-wracking, saddening, and challenging moments in my life.  And you know what – they still do over and over again.  Back to my original point – its hard to find the moments in his life that you can have just for you and no one else.  But, using those 3-5 minutes of a song right before your next challenge is something that can’t be stolen by anybody – it truly becomes something we give to ourselves to handle the next curve life throws our way.

Here's your homework (something you will hear often in my posts, just fyi):

Choose a theme song for your next challenge, try it out when needed, and let us at PFC know how it went!  We can’t wait to hear your voice!


Mike Guyton-Nunley, MD, is the president of Pridefest Collaborative in addition to being a doctor for ALL teenagers and young adults.  While blog posts are not his expertise, he loves taking any opportunity to make those around him think, smile, laugh, and conquer the world around them!

The Countdown to Pridefest 2023 has officially started!

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