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Tap into the season...

It’s October, a time when leaves weave themselves into vibrant tapestries shifting in the breeze, yellow school buses run and apples come into season. Fall is considered by many as a season of winding down for the year, the beginning to an end. As summer fades, school and work begin to clutter our everyday lives. We fill out our schedules with appointments, games, commitments. We quit taking time to stop and smell the roses, though pumpkin spice abounds.

...I make a point to stop...

…I listen to the leaves crunch beneath my feet, watch birds and squirrels scurry to make their final preparations, laying in their cached stores of winter food, fattening up or heading farther south. The more common experience seems to be to find ourselves caught up in new rhythms, settling in for frosty mornings and the seemingly never-ending holiday advertising, report cards, school projects; at once both new and familiar routines. The welcome respite summer provides is over. This might seem sad but far from it.

Fall remains my favorite season for it’s potential energy. I imagine Mother Nature is curling into a languid scarlet and orange pile of coils, tucking in for a snooze until March. It transforms into a time of discovery and opportunity. Each year, we meet amazing people with the potential to become a found family. We begin exciting endeavors, ones that fill us with exhilaration and expectation. We embark on journeys, moving towards our ultimate life goals without a safety net. We gravitate toward things; we drift away from others. There is a soothing, familiar rhythm to it all.

To the uninitiated, fall in a garden is an ending. Green is receding and flowers are falling off in favor of swollen seed pods. You’re more likely to see crumbly leaves skittering across the pavement and bare branches than growth if you don’t look closely. But appearances can be deceiving.

As in life, this season hides a beauty of its own. Without the dormancy of fall and then winter, beautiful flowers, like wild bergamot or poppies, would never bloom. Being fallow allows rest, allows the fruits and bounty of spring to prepare to burst forth with renewed energy. Fallen fruits and seeds feed lingering insects and foraging wildlife. There are flowers whose blooms only peak out from beneath foliage in fall or winter. The saffron crocus, a fall bloomer, provides vibrant spice to the palate and rich color. Hellebores and snowdrops are the first flowers of each year and won’t peek out at us until after Christmas or early January through thick crusts of frost and ice. Spring flower bulbs, garlic, shallots and onions cannot grow properly without long winter, chills, a process called cold stratification. This is their time to store energy before being harvested or blooming.

Finding your beauty is an experience..Share it!

Beauty is everywhere. Opportunities to see beauty are all around you if you take the time to notice. As our inaugural post of the PrideSC blog-We want to share in the beauty and diversity of you. Tell us one thing you are grateful to see, hear, smell, or taste as fall arrives or winter nears! Let it be unexpected, be uncommon or small and ordinary. Tell us in comments the things that take your breath away and show you the world at its best.

The Countdown to Pridefest 2023 has officially started!

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